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An annotated checklist of the Cladocera (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) from India.
An updated checklist, with taxonomical updates and comments for all taxa recorded since the start of research of this group in the country since 1860, lists a total of 137 valid taxa, of which most records belong to species groups that need revision worldwide.
Population differentiation in the barnacle Chthamalus malayensis: postglacial colonization and recent connectivity across the Pacific and Indian Oceans
Analysis of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) sequences of samples from Chthamalus malayensis revealed 3 genetically differentiated clades: the South China Sea, Indo-Malay and Taiwan clades, suggesting that the 3 clades probably represent distinct species.
New species of marine littoral mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Taiwan and India, with a key to the world's species of Fortuynia and notes on their distribution
2 new species of small oribatid mite genus Fortuynia are described from the marine coastal areas of Taiwan and India, respectively, based on adult and juvenile specimens.
New records of Thecacineta cothurnioides and Trematosoma rotunda (Ciliophora, Suctorea) as epibionts on nematodes from the Indian Ocean
Summary This article deals with the report of two suctorian ciliates species viz. Thecacineta cothurnioides Collin, 1909 and Trematosoma rotunda (Allg e n, 1952 ) as epibionts on Tricoma sp. and
First report of Limnoricus ponticus Dovgal & Lozowskiy (Ciliophora: Suctorea) as epibionts on Pycnophyes (Kinorhyncha) from the Indian Ocean with key to species of the genus Limnoricus
The characteristics of the suctorian Limnoricus ponticus Dovgal & Lozowskiy, 2008 that was observed for the first time on Kinorhyncha as a host and in a new locality (the Indian Ocean) are presented.
Report of Thecacineta calix (Ciliophora: Suctorea) as an Epibiont of Harpacticoid Copepods from Caribbean Mesophotic Reefs
A new record of the suctorian ciliate Thecacineta calix as an epibiont of harpacticoid copepods from the mesophotic coral ecosystems of Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands is reported.
Oribatid Mites from Marine Littoral and Freshwater Habitats in India with Remarks on World Species of Thalassozetes (Acari: Oribatida)
A new species of oribatid mites found in marine coastal and semi-aquatic, freshwater habitats during a flood in India is described, and a newly revised diagnosis is proposed for this genus, Thalassozetes tenuisetosus sp.
New Mediterranean Marine biodiversity records (June 2013)
The record of the burrowing goby Trypauchen vagina in the North Levantine Sea (Turkish coast), suggests the start of spreading of this Lessepsian immigrant in the Mediterranean Sea.
Age of Deccan Volcanism Across KTB in Krishna-Godavari Basin: New Evidences
The latest Paleontological data suggest that the duration of Deccan trap eruption in Krishna-Godavari basin varies from place to place and could be anywhere between <0.5 Ma and 6 Maacross KTB. Three
Report of epibiont Thecacineta calix (Ciliophora: Suctorea) on deep sea Desmodora (Nematoda) from the Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean
Suctorian epibionts Thecacineta calix attached on the cuticle of nematodes Desmodora sphaerica and D. pontica are reported here from the deep-sea hexactinellid sponge Pheronema sp. from the Andaman