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Combining Evasion Techniques to Avoid Network Intrusion Detection Systems
Three different Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) evasion techniques were combined into a three-dimensional testing space. These evasion techniques manipulated the TCP/IP protocol instead ofExpand
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High-order allpole modelling of the spectral envelope
The sinusoidal transform coder (STC) is a vocoding technique that has been evolving over the past few years which represents speech as a harmonic set of sinewaves and has demonstrated syntheticExpand
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Multirate STC and Its Application to Multi-Speaker Conferencing
The problem of conferencing over systems which employ parametric vocoders has long been of interest to the military. In analog or wideband digital conferencing, overlapping speakers are handled byExpand
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Philosophy and goals of the DoD 2400 bps vocoder selection process
Significant improvements in vocoder technology have made the current standard for 2400 bps voice communication obsolete. At the request of both military and civilian users of low rate communicationsExpand
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Improved interoperable 2.4 kb/s LPC using sinusoidal transform coder techniques
It is shown that it is possible to code the parameters of the sinusoidal transform coder (STC) according to Government Standard FS-1015. To accommodate the standard, the voicing probability wasExpand
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This paper describes algorithms which provide the capability of parametrically coding speech using the Sinusoidal Transform Coding (STC) at a variety of bit rates and transforming the coded bitExpand
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Multi-speaker conferencing over narrowband channels
  • T. Champion
  • Computer Science
  • MILCOM 91 - Conference record
  • 4 November 1991
A technique for digital conferencing over narrowband channels which allows for the representation of multiple simultaneous speakers is proposed. The technique takes advantage of the properties ofExpand