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From the ethicist's point of view, the literary nature of ethical inquiry.
  • T. Chambers
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The Hastings Center report
  • 1996
Chambers explores how case narratives are constructed and thus the extent to which they are driven by particular ethical theory, and advises bioethicists against using fabricated cases. Expand
Waiting for the state: Gender, citizenship and everyday encounters with bureaucracy in India
This article focuses on practices and meanings of time and waiting experienced by poor, low-class Dalits and Muslims in their routine encounters with the state in India. Drawing on ethnographicExpand
‘Performed Conviviality’: Space, bordering, and silence in the city
Abstract Through ethnographic material gathered in the Muslim woodworking mohallas (neighbourhoods) of a North Indian city, this article attends to ‘performed’ elements of everyday convivialExpand
Portraits of Women’s Paid Domestic-Care Labour
Our introduction to this Special Issue draws out themes from all four articles which focus on India’s domestic-care economy: women’s paid domestic labour, care work and surrogacy. ThroughExpand
‘Lean on me': Sifarish, mediation & the digitisation of state bureaucracies in India
Through an ethnographic focus on Muslim neighbourhoods in a North Indian city, this article traces the effects of increasing digitisation of Public Distribution Systems (PDS) and ID provision in In...
Ghar Mein Kām Hai (There is Work in the House)
This article examines the utilization of female Muslim factory workers, in a North Indian woodworking industry, as domestic labour in the homes of their employers. The ethnography illustrates theExpand
‘Comfort’ & ‘Discomfort’
This paper disrupts notions of ‘comfort’ as always being a desirable product when attending to spatial contexts and teaching practice. The paper draws on a long theatrical tradition stemming from theExpand
Books Received
boxes and Warhol’s “Foxtrot” (1962), arguing that the artist’s changes “interrupted” the instructional messages archived in the found graphics, rejecting their portrayals of rationalized experience.Expand
The Art of Feeling
"The Art of Feeling" was commissioned by the Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness agency as part of their new identity. We developed a system to produce digital paintings from emotions. We asked each of theirExpand
Journeys of the body: Labour networks and experiences of migration among Muslim craftsmen in North India
This paper explores the embodied migration experiences of Indian Muslim craftsmen from the city of Saharanpur (U.P.), as they seek work and opportunities across the country. Their lives are playedExpand