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Phytosome : A Brief Overview
In the recent days, most of the prevailing diseases and nutritional disorders are treated with natural medicines. Several plant extracts and phyto constituents, despite having excellent bioactivityExpand
Nineteen new combinations and a new name in Breynia J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. (Phyllanthaceae) from Indian subcontinent
Nineteen new combinations and one new name are proposed in Breynia for taxa previously treated in Sauropus. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3329/bjpt.v19i2.13125 Bangladesh J. Plant Taxon. 19 (2): 119-122,Expand
Teucrium tomentosum B.Heyne ex Benth. (Lamiaceae), an unnoticed later homonym for almost two centuries
Teucrium tomentosum Heyne ex Bentham (1830: 58) was described based on the specimens presumably collected by Benjamin Heyne from peninsular India. This name was used for almost two centuries inExpand
Diversified Sustainable Agriculture in Eastern India
This chapter has stressed that farmers’ mind set needs to be changed towards the knowledge-based thinking like that of farmers of agro rich states of the country. The problems of marginal andExpand
Revisiting the typification of Hemicyclia porteri (Putranjivaceae), the basionym of Drypetes porteri
According to Art. 7.11 of the ICN (4) the citation of ‘type’ by Chakrabarty et al. (1) should be accepted as an inadvertent lectotypification [also see Prado et al., (5)]. Chakrabarty et al. (1)Expand
The genus Paracroton (Euphorbiaceae) in the Indian subcontinent
Summary. A revision of the genus Paracroton Miq., earlier known as Fahrenheitia Reichb. f. & Zoll. ex Muell. Arg., for India and adjoining countries is presented. Three species are recognized.Expand