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Satisfied in the Jail?
This study investigated the predictors of job satisfaction among 373 jail correctional officers in one state in the Northeast. The research questions were guided by the plethora of literature on theExpand
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Characteristics of Prison Sexual Assault Targets in Male Oklahoma Correctional Facilities
Research on male inmate sexual assault has been quite limited in correctional literature. Even fewer of these studies have focused specifically on the characteristics of sexual assault targets.Expand
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Inmate-to-Inmate Sexual Coercion in a Prison for Women
Abstract Inmate-to-inmate sexual coercion remains a relatively unexplored topic within correctional literature, especially concerning female inmates. Using data gathered in March 2000 viaExpand
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Occupational hazard: Predictors of stress among jail correctional officers
The plethora of literature on correctional officers and the work environment, more specifically occupational stress, has focused almost exclusively on officers working in prison facilities. TheExpand
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Ordering sex in cyberspace: a content analysis of escort websites
Research studies on prostitution, more specifically escort services, have neglected the use of the internet as a method of solicitation and advertisement. The current study is an exploratory analysisExpand
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The Evolving Nature of Prison Argot and Sexual Hierarchies
Prison argot and sexual hierarchies have consistently been found to be present in U.S. correctional facilities. However, recent years have seen very few studies that focus specifically on argotExpand
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Laid to Order: Male Escorts Advertising on the Internet
This exploratory study was conducted to gain information on an emerging form of prostitution—online prostitution. Additionally, this study focused on male prostitution, as it is the type less likelyExpand
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Serial Killers with Military Experience: Applying Learning Theory to Serial Murder
  • T. Castle, C. Hensley
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • International journal of offender therapy and…
  • 1 August 2002
Scholars have endeavored to study the motivation and causality behind serial murder by researching biological, psychological, and sociological variables. Some of these studies have provided supportExpand
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Examining the Relationship Between Female Inmate Homosexual Behavior and Attitudes Toward Homosexuality and Homosexuals
Most sociologists and penologists tend to shy away from studying inmate attitudes toward homosexuality and homosexuals. Researchers within the corrections field who focus on prison sexualityExpand
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Morrigan Rising: Exploring female-targeted propaganda on hate group websites
The role of racist women in hate groups remains an underdeveloped area of research, although scholars have suggested that female participation in such groups may vary among the different ideologiesExpand
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