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Quantum Genetic Optimization
We show that the complexity of the selection procedure of a genetic algorithm that requires reordering, if we restrict the class of the possible fitness functions to varying fitness functions, is , where is the size of the population. Expand
Toward an architecture for quantum programming
This paper investigates a possible approach to the problem of programming such machines: a template high level quantum language is presented which complements a generic general purpose classical language with a set of quantum primitives. Expand
Quantum information processing and communication
We present an excerpt of the document “Quantum Information Processing and Communication: Strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe”, which has been recently published in electronic form at the website of FET (the Future and Emerging Technologies Unit of the Directorate General Information Society of the European Commission, http://www.cordis.lu/ist/fet/qipc-sr.htm). Expand
Chopped random-basis quantum optimization
In this work, we describe in detail the chopped random basis (CRAB) optimal control technique recently introduced to optimize time-dependent density matrix renormalization group simulations [P.Expand
Microwave potentials and optimal control for robust quantum gates on an atom chip
We propose a two-qubit collisional phase gate that can be implemented with available atom chip technology and present a detailed theoretical analysis of its performance. The gate is based on earlierExpand
Optimal control at the quantum speed limit.
Optimal control theory is a promising candidate for a drastic improvement of the performance of quantum information tasks. We explore its ultimate limit in paradigmatic cases, and demonstrate that itExpand
Spin-based all-optical quantum computation with quantum dots: Understanding and suppressing decoherence
We present an all-optical implementation of quantum computation using semiconductor quantum dots. Quantum memory is represented by the spin of an excess electron stored in each dot. Two-qubit gatesExpand
Structural phase transitions in low-dimensional ion crystals
A chain of singly charged particles, confined by a harmonic potential, exhibits a sudden transition to a zigzag configuration when the radial potential reaches a critical value, depending on theExpand
Analytical solutions for the dynamics of two trapped interacting ultracold atoms
We discuss exact solutions of the Schroedinger equation for the system of two ultracold atoms confined in an axially symmetric harmonic potential. We investigate different geometries of the trappingExpand
Two atoms in an anisotropic harmonic trap
We consider the system of two interacting atoms confined in axially symmetric harmonic trap. Within the pseudopotential approximation, we solve the Schroedinger equation exactly, discussing theExpand