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Parallel Sequencing and Assembly Line Problems
This paper deals with a new sequencing problem in which n jobs with ordering restrictions have to be done by men of equal ability, and how to arrange a schedule that requires the minimum number of men to complete all jobs within a prescribed time T. Expand
Optimum Communication Spanning Trees
  • T. C. Hu
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • SIAM J. Comput.
  • 1 September 1974
The cost of communication for a pair of nodes is multiplied by the sum of the distances of arcs which form the unique path connecting N_i and N_j in the spanning tree. Expand
Optimal Computer Search Trees and Variable-Length Alphabetical Codes
An algorithm is given for constructing an alphabetic binary tree of minimum weighted path length (for short, an optimal alphabetic tree). The algorithm needs $4n^2 + 2n$ operations and $4n$ storageExpand
Multi-Commodity Network Flows
A network is a set of nodes Ni connected by arcs with nonnegative arc capacities bij which indicates the maximum amount of flow that can pass through the arc from Ni to Nj. Given all bij, there is aExpand
Old Bachelor Acceptance: A New Class of Non-Monotone Threshold Accepting Methods
Experiments using several classes of symmetric traveling salesman problem instances show that OBA can outperform previous hill-climbing methods for time-critical optimizations. Expand
Path Length of Binary Search Trees.
An algorithm is given for constructing a binary tree of minimum weighted path length and with restricted maximum path length. (Huffman’s tree is a binary tree of minimum weighted path length with noExpand
Prim-Dijkstra tradeoffs for improved performance-driven routing tree design
Timing simulations for a range of IC and MCM interconnect technologies show that the wirelength savings yield reduced signal delays when compared to shallow-light or standard minimum spanning tree and Steiner tree routing. Expand
Optimization of globally convex functions
Convex functions have nice properties with respect to both minimization and maximization. Similar properties are established here for functions that are permitted to have bad local behavior but areExpand
VLSI circuit layout : theory and design
One that the authors will refer to break the boredom in reading is choosing vlsi circuit layout theory and design as the reading material. Expand