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The management of innovation
Examines how organizations identify and respond to conditions of stability and change and classifies responses as appropriate or dysfunctional. Using case study and historical survey approaches, the
Micropolitics: Mechanisms of Institutional Change
While the corporation is hardly a microcosm of the state, study of the internal politics of universities and business concerns may develop insights contributing to the understanding of political
The Shaping of Social Organization: Social Rule System Theory with Applications
Actors, Social Action, and Systems - PART ONE: SOCIAL RULE SYSTEM THEORY Social Rule System Theory The Organization of Social Action and Social Forms Actors, Rule Systems, and Social Structure Rule
The promise and limitations of partnered governance: the case of sustainable palm oil
Purpose – This paper sets out to report on a study of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as an instance of “partnered governance” oriented to advance sustainable development in a supply
Paradigms in public policy : theory and practice of paradigm shifts in the EU
Contents: Yves Surel: The Role of Cognitive and Normative Frames in Policymaking - Jane Jenson: Paradigms and Political Discourse: Protective Legislation in France and the United States before 1914 -
Human Agency and the Evolutionary Dynamics of Culture
Agency has long been an important topic in sociological theory. Recently, sociologists have devoted attention to new models of cultural evolution drawn from a variety of disciplines. This paper