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Land administration reform : indicators of success and future challenges
This paper sets out a framework for a set of indicators and reviews the critical issues in land administration, with comparisons drawn from both within and across the regions. The report sets out aExpand
Hegel, Identity Politics and the Problem of Slavery
Abstract This article examines the relevance of Hegel’s philosophy and political thought, and especially his views on slavery, for contemporary identity politics. It offers an account of Hegel’sExpand
Conceptual Framework for Governance in Land Administration
In this new millennium, governance has gained significant attention on the global development agenda and is often considered a fourth dimension of sustainable development, adding to economic, socialExpand
Metamorphosis and other stories
E-Learning: The Future of Quality Training
Joseph Dietzgen and the History of Marxism
ABSTRACT: Joseph Dietzgen (1828–1888) had an important role in the history of Marxism. One reason for this is that he coined the phrase “dialectical materialism” — the hallmark of “orthodox” Marxism.Expand
Aristotle and Natural Law
The paper presents an interpretation of Aristotle's views on natural justice in the Nicomachean Ethics. It focuses, in particular, on Aristotle's understanding of the relationship which existsExpand
Interpreting and appropriating texts in the history of political thought: Quentin Skinner and poststructuralism
This article argues that for purposes of hermeneutics, in relation to texts in the history of political thought, it is fruitful to make a conceptual distinction between the idea of a ‘reading’, anExpand
What is Politics? Robinson Crusoe, Deep Ecology and Immanuel Kant
This article considers the nature of politics. Robinson Crusoe is used to show that even the broadest understanding of politics found in the literature is inadequate, for the situation of Crusoe onExpand
Land administration in post-conflict areas : a key land and conflict issue
SUMMARY Access to land and related resources is nearly always an issue during and shortly after a major conflict. Sometimes difficulty with access to land and related resources is one of the causesExpand