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Frege on Knowing the Foundation
The paper scrutinizes Frege’s Euclideanism—his view of arithmetic and geometry as resting on a small number of self-evident axioms from which nonself-evident theorems can be proved. Frege’s notionsExpand
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The article is an overview of some central philosophical problems associated with perception. It discusses what distinguishes perception from other sensory capacities and from conception. ItExpand
Descartes and Anti-Individualism : Reply to Normore 13
provide insight into current philosophical discussion. In addition to interesting historical points, his paper raises some important issues about anti-individualism. I am gratified to have calledExpand
“Linguistic Meaning and the Privacy Constraint: On Davidson's Quine, Kripke's Wittgenstein and Brandom”1
I Since the death of stringently extensionalist theories of semantic and epistemic content—by that I mean the logical atomist and positivist philosophies of Russell, Ayer and Carnap—post-positivistExpand
Psychological Content and Egocentric Indexes
I begin with three large points about the nature of perceptual repre sen ta tional content. The first is that perceptual repre sen ta tional content sets veridicality conditions, or moreExpand