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Spaces and scales of innovation
Contemporary research on innovative processes makes use of a range of scales, from the global to the regional/local. In addition, network-based approaches have introduced a nonterritorially bounded
‘Spatializing’ knowledge communities: towards a conceptualization of transnational innovation networks
In this article we seek to move beyond existing conceptualizations of innovation systems in two key respects. First, we identify the need for a shift away from research that focuses on discrete
Malaysia, Modernity and the Multimedia Super Corridor: A Critical Geography of Intelligent Landscapes
List of figures Acknowledgements List of abbreviations 1. Introduction Part I: Framing Malaysia: Concept and Context 2. Modernity, Space and the Government of Landscape 3. Positioning Malaysia:
Kampung Rules: Landscape and the Contested Government of Urban(e) Malayness
Kampung ('village') habits and traits have been widely invoked in 'explanations' of inappropriate urban conduct among Malays in Malaysia. State-sponsored rural-urban migration for Malays from the
Antecedent Cities and Inter-referencing Effects: Learning from and Extending Beyond Critiques of Neoliberalisation
Cities around the world are likened to, and remade with reference to, imaginings of antecedent urban experiences elsewhere. The paper begins by identifying inter-referencing effects associated with
Triangulating the borderless world: geographies of power in the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle
This paper argues that the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle makes manifest the complex geographies of power that subvert efforts to read cross-border regionalization as a straightforward
Multimedia Utopia? A Geographical Critique of High-Tech Development in Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor
For all the supposed novelty of the “Information Age”, high-tech development in Malaysia perpetuates existing patterns of social and spatial inequality. The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), a
Views From Above and Below: The Petronas Twin Towers and/in Contesting Visions of Development in Contemporary Malaysia
Large-scale urban transformation in Malaysia is the most visible sign of the rapid development which has accompanied the premiership of the current Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The national