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Incidence and Cost of Serious Fall-Related Injuries in Nursing Homes
Background: Fall-related injuries (FRIs) result in morbidity and mortality for patients, as well as unnecessary expense to health care institutions. Objectives: (a) Estimate the incidence of fallsExpand
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Fall prevention and injury protection for nursing home residents.
Recognizing that risk factors for falls are multifactorial and interacting, providers require guidance on the components, intensity, dose, and duration for an effective fall and fall injuryExpand
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A multivariate fall risk assessment model for VHA nursing homes using the minimum data set.
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to develop a multivariate fall risk assessment model beyond the current fall Resident Assessment Protocol (RAP) triggers for nursing home residents using theExpand
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Drugs and falls in community-dwelling older people: a national veterans study.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to identify which specific medications within recognized major problematic drug categories that increase risk of falling were prescribed to veterans before theirExpand
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Effect of Concomitant Use of Benzodiazepines and Other Drugs on the Risk of Injury in a Veterans Population
AbstractBackground: Benzodiazepines comprise a class of drugs that when used as monotherapy are generally acknowledged to pose a risk for injury by increasing the likelihood of falls, fall-relatedExpand
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Clinical practice algorithms: Medication management to reduce fall risk in the elderly—Part 4, Anticoagulants, anticonvulsants, anticholinergics/bladder relaxants, and antipsychotics
This article, the final in a series of evidence-based medication algorithms to reduce medication-related risks for elderly at risk for falls, presents subalgorithms for specific medication classesExpand
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Influence of a Transitional Care Clinic on Subsequent 30‐Day Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits in Individuals Discharged from a Skilled Nursing Facility
To evaluate an intervention to improve care transitions at the time of skilled nursing facility (SNF) discharge.
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Technology to promote safe mobility in the elderly.
New technologies designed to help prevent adverse events related to the mobility of geriatric patients (ie, patient falls, bed-rail entrapment, patient handling, and wandering) are described.Expand
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Effect of a group-based exercise program on balance in elderly
Objective: To determine the effectiveness of 8-week group functional balance training classes on balance outcomes in community-dwelling veterans at risk for falls. Design: Pre-test, post-test usingExpand
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Clinical practice algorithms: Medication management to reduce fall risk in the elderly—Part 3, benzodiazepines, cardiovascular agents, and antidepressants
There are associations between falls and the use of sedatives, psychotropics, cardiovascular agents, antidepressants, and polypharmacy (Leipzig, Cumming, & Tinetti, 1999a,b; Neutel, Perry, & Maxwell,Expand
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