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Protective effect opf lodoxamide tromethamine on allergen inhalation challenge.
Analysis of allergen dose-response curve parameters shows that pretreatment with lodoxamide offers significant protection against experimental allergenic-induced bronchoconstriction. Expand
Oral Carcinoma Associated with Chronic Use of Electronic Cigarettes
Two cases of oral carcinoma associated with chronic use of E-cigarettes are reported and highlight the need for increased awareness of this important, and potentially fatal, risk. Expand
Zika virus outbreaks and treatment in pregnant women in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The present study demonstrated an inverse relationship between increasing BMI and pregnancy rate in patients with infertility, and preconception counseling and weight loss are highly recommended before using assisted conception methods to optimize outcomes. Expand
A De Novo from Mutational Analysis in PAX3 in Hearing Loss Children Caused Waardenburg Syndrome Type 1 at Children Hospital-1 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Waardenburg Syndrome is the most common type of autosomal dominant syndromic hearing loss and consists of variable degrees of hearing loss, pigmentary abnormalities of skin, hair, and eye (Heterochromia iridis). Expand
Mutational Analysis of GJB2 Gene in Non-Syndromic Hearing Loss from Patients at Children’s Hospital 1- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
It is shown that without sufficient levels of Connexin 26, the potassium flow from hair cells in the cochlea is disrupted, resulting in extremely high levels of potassium in the Corti’s organ, leading to the profound sensorineural hearing loss. Expand