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Disparities in health: perspectives of a multi-ethnic, multi-racial America.
This 2006 survey of 4,157 randomly selected U.S. adults compared perceptions of health care disparities among fourteen racial and ethnic groups to those of whites. Findings suggest that many ethnicExpand
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Disparities in physician care: experiences and perceptions of a multi-ethnic America.
This 2007 Harvard School of Public Health/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey of 4,334 randomly selected U.S. adults compared perceptions of the quality of physician care among fourteen racial andExpand
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Americans' views of health care costs, access, and quality.
For more than two decades, polls have shown that Americans are dissatisfied with their current health care system. However, the public's views on how to change the current system are more conflictedExpand
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Understanding The American Public's Health Priorities: a 2006 perspective.
Opinion surveys conducted in 2006 show that health care is an important but second-tier issue in terms of priorities for government action. Americans' top health care concerns are mostly related toExpand
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Health care in the 2008 presidential primaries.
In this report of voters' views, respondents listed health care as an important issue in the 2008 presidential primary election. Democratic voters reported dissatisfaction with the health care systemExpand
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Discordant discourse : campaign news, candidate interviews and political advertising in the 1992 campaign
Discordant Discourse; ompaign News, Candidate Interviews and Political Advertising in the 1992 Campaign Marion Just Wellesley College Ann Crigler University of Southern California Tami Buhr HavardExpand
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Voice, Substance, and Cynicism in Presidential Campaign Media
This study evaluates the emphasis and tone of press coverage of the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign and explores the extent to which candidates were given the opportunity to speak for themselves inExpand
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Voters and health reform in the 2008 presidential election.
Voters view health care as an important issue in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Most voters favor major changes in our health care system. Registered voters who planned to vote for SenatorExpand
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