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Selective Sampling Importance Resampling Particle Filter Tracking With Multibag Subspace Restoration
The focus of this paper is a novel object tracking algorithm which combines an incrementally updated subspace-based appearance model, reconstruction error likelihood function and a two stageExpand
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A cross-layer support for TCP enhancement in QoS-aware mobile ad hoc networks
In Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs), the majority of protocols developed to date provide QoS mechanisms by assigning high priority to delay-sensitive applications. While today's Internet traffic isExpand
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A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Semantic Pixel-Wise Segmentation of Road and Pavement Surface Cracks
Deterioration of road and pavement surface conditions is an issue which directly affects the majority of the world today. The complex structure and textural similarities of surface cracks, as well asExpand
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An implementation focused approach to teaching image processing and machine vision - from theory to beagleboard
The explosion of multimedia applications within embedded devices has ensured that Image Processing and Machine Vision has now become a mainstream subject within most Computer Science and ElectronicExpand
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Quantification and Prediction of Pilot Workload in the Helicopter/Ship Dynamic Interface
Abstract The evaluation, early in the design cycle, of the limits for operating aircraft from ships in a wide range of sea states and atmospheric conditions has become an important issue for two mainExpand
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Wavelet Based Image Compression Techniques
With advances in multimedia technologies, demand for transmission and storage of voluminous multimedia data has dramatically increased and, as a consequence, data compression is now essential inExpand
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A Computationally Efficient Fingerprint Matching Algorithm for Implementation on Smartcards
  • M. Govan, T. Buggy
  • Computer Science
  • First IEEE International Conference on Biometrics…
  • 12 December 2007
Biometric methods have established as the pinnacle of reliable authentication, but while able to overcome the limitations of traditional methods, many social issues (e.g., the methods of preservingExpand
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Extended fast compressive tracking with weighted multi-frame template matching for fast motion tracking
State of the art tracking algorithm significantly extended.Multi-frame template matching greatly improves tracking accuracy.Tracking of fast moving targets and motion blur improved.Real-timeExpand
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A non-intrusive method to assess voice quality over internet
Voice over IP (VoIP) is an emerging service and has gained popularity in recent years. The most challenging task for a service provider is to provide and monitor better voice quality. The nature ofExpand
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Statistical, DCT and vector quantisation-based video codec
The authors present a novel hybrid statistical, DCT and vector quantisation-based video-coding technique. In intra mode of operation, an input frame is divided into a number of non-overlapping pixelExpand
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