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Exploring the Relationships between Product Development and Environmental Turbulence: The Case of Mobile TLC Services
This paper approaches this issue by looking at the Italian mobile telecommunications (TLC) industry. Expand
Although Open Innovation has been a highly researched and debated topic in the last decade, many relevant issues remain largely unexplored so far. An interesting question to address is whether andExpand
Small and medium enterprises' collaborations with universities for new product development: An analysis of the different phases
Purpose – The aim of this paper is to investigate how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can engage in collaborations with universities in different phases of the new product developmentExpand
Life-Cycle Flexibility: How to measure and improve the innovative capability in turbulent environments
This article identifies three different LCF dimensions—frequency of adaptation, rapidity of adaptation and quality of adaptation—and defines a metric for each of them. Expand
Adoption of NPD flexibility practices in new technology‐based firms
Purpose – New technology‐based firms (NTBFs) play a growing role in national economies. Given their nature, it is possible to suppose that these companies should manage their development processes byExpand
Measuring the impact of a major project management educational program: the PMP case in Finmeccanica
Abstract This work aims at providing evidence of the impact of project management training programs. The research focuses on the impact of training effectiveness (higher learning) on the projectExpand
Data-driven innovation: switching the perspective on Big Data
The pervasive spread of digital technologies brought an incredible boost in data availability. Companies are dealing with massive amount of data that wait to be exploited. At the same time, scholarsExpand
Crowdsourcing Intermediaries And Problem Typologies: An Explorative Study
Web-based intermediaries that offer crowdsourcing services represent a new and promising way through which firms can leverage the power of a crowd to sustain their innovation performance. Expand
Exploring the Inbound and Outbound Strategies Enabled by User Generated Big Data: Evidence from Leading Smartphone Applications
The Open Innovation paradigm has been increasingly considered as a relevant approach to innovation. Expand
Give Away Your Digital Services: Leveraging Big Data to Capture Value
The term "freeconomics" was invented to describe the point at which the spread of nuclear energy would make electricity "too cheap to meter" (Anderson 2007). We have yet to reach that point in theExpand