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Anticandidal activity of SPA-S-843, a new polyenic drug.
The activity of a new, soluble and stable polyene (SPA-S-843) against Candida albicans was assessed by contact and culture tests and by inhibition of germ-tube formation. The drug demonstrated aExpand
Analgesic effect of bisphosphonates in mice
&NA; Bisphosphonates are analogues of inorganic pyrophosphate and are inhibitors of bone resorption. Many derivatives have been developed for the treatment of enhanced bone resorption; severalExpand
Amide derivatives of partricin A with potent antifungal activity
Summary A series of partricin A amides were synthesized using the active ester method by reaction with several amines on the carboxy group and then with some acids on the mycosamine group ofExpand
Synthesis and biological properties of alkyl esters of polyene antibiotics.
Several new alkyl esters of polyene antibiotics were prepared by an improved general procedure, and their toxicity and microbiological activity were tested. Some of these alkyl esters were moreExpand
Relationship between acute toxicity in mice and polymorphic forms of polyene antibiotics.
Marked differences in LD50 values were found between various batches of polyene antibiotics (mepartricin and nystatin) after intraperitoneal administration in suspension to mice. Such differences doExpand
New long-acting 3-azinomethyl-rifamycins.
A number of basic 3-azinomethyl-rifamycins have been prepared. Their synthesis and antibacterial activity in vitro are reported, as well as the preliminary pharmacokinetic data. While theExpand
Overview of SPA-S-843 in vitro Activity against Filamentous Fungi
In this study, we investigated the in vitro antifungal activity of a new water-soluble partricin A derivative, N-dimethylaminoacetyl-partricin A 2-dimethylaminoethylamide diascorbate, coded SPA-843,Expand
Effects of mepartricin on estradiol and testosterone serum levels and on prostatic estrogen, androgen and adrenergic receptor concentrations in adult rats.
The effects induced by oral administration of 0, 5 and 20 mg of meparticin kg(-1)of body weight for 28 days (group 1, 2 and 3, respectively) upon prostatic estrogen, androgen, alpha(1)- andExpand
In Vitro Activity of a New Polyene, SPA-S-843, against Yeasts
ABSTRACT The in vitro activity of a new water-soluble polyene, SPA-S-843, was evaluated against 116 strains of Candida,Cryptococcus, and Saccharomyces spp. and compared with that of amphotericin B.Expand
Synthesis and pharmacological screening of 3-aminoalkyl-sydnones.
Fourteen 3-aminoalkyl-sydnones have been synthesized and submitted to comprehensive pharmacological screening. Some of the compounds show an analgesic, hypoglycemic, and anti-inflammatory activity.