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Diesel Surrogate Fuels for Engine Testing and Chemical-Kinetic Modeling: Compositions and Properties
The primary objectives of this work were to formulate, blend, and characterize a set of four ultralow-sulfur diesel surrogate fuels in quantities sufficient to enable their study inExpand
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Handbook of basic tables for chemical analysis
GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY Carrier Gas Properties New! Carrier Gas Viscosity Gas Chromatographic Support Materials for Packed Columns Mesh Sizes and Particle Diameters Packed Column Support ModifiersExpand
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Methodology for Formulating Diesel Surrogate Fuels with Accurate Compositional, Ignition-Quality, and Volatility Characteristics
In this study, a novel approach was developed to formulate surrogate fuels having characteristics that are representative of diesel fuels produced from real-world refinery streams. Because dieselExpand
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The observation of OH in annealed optical fiber
We have observed OH in annealed optical fibers. We attribute the OH to silica glass reactions with water and possibly hydrogen, due to the combustion of the fiber's polymer jacket. In our annealingExpand
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Carbonyl Sulfide: A Review of Its Chemistry and Properties
A number of years have elapsed since the last comprehensive review of the chemical properties of carbonyl sulfide (COS) was presented in 1957. Since that time, some important new issues have arisenExpand
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Surrogate Mixture Model for the Thermophysical Properties of Synthetic Aviation Fuel S-8: Explicit Application of the Advanced Distillation Curve
Fluid volatility is an important property of liquid fuels that previously has not been adequately addressed in the development of surrogate models for the thermophysical properties of these fluids.Expand
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Surrogate Mixture Models for the Thermophysical Properties of Aviation Fuel Jet-A
We developed surrogate mixture models to represent the thermophysical properties of two samples of aviation turbine fuel Jet-A. One sample is a composite of numerous batches from multipleExpand
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Fluid properties needed in supercritical transesterification of triglyceride feedstocks to biodiesel fuels for efficient and clean combustion – A review
Abstract This review focuses on the potential synergy between fluid properties and supercritical (SC) processing/combustion of biodiesel fuels. These fuels are the extenders/expanders of choice forExpand
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Thermodynamic, Transport and Chemical Properties of "Reference" JP-8
Abstract : The NIST research focuses on measurement of major thermophysical and chemical properties of JP-8, to develop it as a reference fluid. The properties include fluid volatility, density,Expand
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Chromatographic and electrophoretic methods
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