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Characterization and pharmacological actions of tecostanine, an alkaloid of Tecoma stans.
Tecostanine was isolated from Tecoma stans leaves and showed only moderate affinity to the nicotinic receptor and the oxalate salt of 1 did not significantly affect blood glucose levels in normoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic rats.
Novel 3,4-isoxazolediamides as potent inhibitors of chaperone heat shock protein 90.
It is found that compounds possessing a nitrogen atom directly attached to the C-4 heterocycle ring possess in vitro Hsp90 inhibitory properties at least comparable to those of the structurally related 4,5-diarylisoxazole derivatives.
4,5,6,7-Tetrahydro-isoxazolo-[4,5-c]-pyridines as a new class of cytotoxic Hsp90 inhibitors.
Novel substituted aminoalkylguanidines as potential antihyperglycemic and food intake-reducing agents.
Between the newly identified compounds, 1h N-(cyclopropylmethyl)- N'-(4-(aminomethyl)cyclohexylmethyl)guanidine showed the most balanced activity as antihyperglycemic and food intake-reducing agent.
New retinoid derivatives as back-ups of Adarotene.