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The Rise of David Duke
This is the biography of David Duke, the controversial politician, and his quest for political legitimacy. He began by denouncing Jews and blacks at his school's weekly free-speech forum, and hasExpand
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Microtaphonomy of Modern Deer Phalanges
Braving frostbite, death to destroy land mines
Removing land mines high in Chile's Andes mountains is a hard, cold job that can take the breath away. Last Saturday a corporal's toe was blown off by an anti-personnel mine.
1.2. The bulge stellar population in M31
We obtained WFPC2 high spatial resolution images, in filters F555W and F814W, of a few fields in the bulge of M31. Two are located SW along the major axis of M31, respectively at 6.1 and 3.2 arcminExpand