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Indonesian medicinal plants. XXIII. Chemical structures of two new migrated pimarane-type diterpenes, neoorthosiphols A and B, and suppressive effects on rat thoracic aorta of chemical constituents
Two novel migrated pimarane-type diterpenes named neoorthosiphols A (1) and B (2) were isolated from the water decoction of the leaves of Orthosiphon aristatus (Lamiaceae), which has been prescribedExpand
Antihypertensive actions of methylripariochromene A from Orthosiphon aristatus, an Indonesian traditional medicinal plant.
It is presumed that the traditional use of this plant in the therapy of hypertension may be partially supported by these actions related to antihypertensive activity with MRC, i.e. vasodilating action, a decrease in cardiac output and diuretic action. Expand
[Antihypertensive substance in the leaves of kumis kucing (Orthosiphon aristatus) in Java Island].
It was found that a major constituent in the water decoction of leaves, methylripariochromene A (5), exhibited a continuous decrease in systolic blood pressure after subcutaneous administration in conscious stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP). Expand
Two Novel Migrated Pimarane-type Diterpenes, Neoorthosiphols A and B, from the Leaves of Orthosiphon aristatus(Lamiaceae)
Two new migrated pimarane-type diterpenes called neoorthosiphols A and B have been isolated from a water decoction of the leaves of Orthosiphon aristatus (Lamiaceae) cultivated in Java, Indonesia.Expand
Indonesian Medicinal Plants. XXII. Chemical Structures of Two New Isopimarane-Type Diterpenes, Orthosiphonones A and B, and a New Benzochromene, Orthochromene A from the Leaves of Orthosiphon
Two new isopimarane-type diterpenes named orthosiphonones A and B and a new benzochromene named orthochromene A, have been isolated from the water decoction of the leaves of Orthosiphon aristatusExpand