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Electromagnetic interaction of a small magnet and liquid metal flow in a pipe with insulating or conducting walls
We study the effects of electrically conducting walls on the interaction between a permanent magnet and a liquid-metal flow in a cylindrical pipe using experiments and numerical simulation. TheExpand
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The Ostwald ripening at nanoengineering of InAsSbP spherical and ellipsoidal quantum dots on InAs (100) surface
We present the results of growth of quasi-ternary InAsSbP spherical and ellipsoidal quantum dots (QDs) on InAs (100) surface by the method of liquid-phase epitaxy. Coarsening of QDs due toExpand
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GaAs/GaP quantum dots: Ensemble of direct and indirect heterostructures with room temperature optical emission
We describe the optical emission and the carrier dynamics of an ensemble of self-assembled GaAs quantum dots embedded in GaP(001). The QD formation is driven by the 3.6 % lattice mismatch betweenExpand
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Fabrication and Investigation of Photovoltaic Converters Based on Polycrystalline Silicon Grown on Borosilicate Glass
The microcrystalline Si layers with grain sizes of up to several tens of micrometers were grown. The physical vapor deposition (PVD), amorphous–liquid–crystalline (ALC) transition technique and aExpand
Detection and characterization of elongated bubbles and drops in two-phase flow using magnetic fields
We report a method to detect and to measure the size and velocity of elongated bubbles or drops in a dispersed two-phase flow. The difference of the magnetic susceptibilities between two phasesExpand
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Fast Raman mapping and in situ TEM observation of metal induced crystallization of amorphous silicon
Crystalline silicon is grown onto an amorphous silicon (a-Si) seed layer from a liquid tin solution (steady state liquid phase epitaxy, SSLPE). To investigate the crystallization of embedded a-SiExpand
Analysis of catalyst surface wetting: the early stage of epitaxial germanium nanowire growth
The dewetting process is crucial for several applications in nanotechnology. Even though not all dewetting phenomena are fully understood yet, especially regarding metallic fluids, it is clear thatExpand
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