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Fully integrated silicon probes for high-density recording of neural activity
Sensory, motor and cognitive operations involve the coordinated action of large neuronal populations across multiple brain regions in both superficial and deep structures. Existing extracellularExpand
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Polytrodes: high-density silicon electrode arrays for large-scale multiunit recording.
We developed a variety of 54-channel high-density silicon electrode arrays (polytrodes) designed to record from large numbers of neurons spanning millimeters of brain. In cat visual cortex, it wasExpand
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Multiplexed, High Density Electrophysiology with Nanofabricated Neural Probes
Extracellular electrode arrays can reveal the neuronal network correlates of behavior with single-cell, single-spike, and sub-millisecond resolution. However, implantable electrodes are inherentlyExpand
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A transparent μECoG array for simultaneous recording and optogenetic stimulation
In this paper we report for the first time the design, fabrication and characterization of an optically transparent electrode array for micro-electrocorticography. We present a 49-channel μECoG arrayExpand
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Nyquist interpolation improves neuron yield in multiunit recordings
Multiunit electrodes, in particular tetrodes and polytrodes, are able to isolate action potentials from many neurons simultaneously. However, inaccuracies in the post-acquisition reconstruction ofExpand
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Neurodata Without Borders: Creating a Common Data Format for Neurophysiology
The Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) initiative promotes data standardization in neuroscience to increase research reproducibility and opportunities. In the first NWB pilot project, neurophysiologistsExpand
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Functional Connectivity and Tuning Curves in Populations of Simultaneously Recorded Neurons
How interactions between neurons relate to tuned neural responses is a longstanding question in systems neuroscience. Here we use statistical modeling and simultaneous multi-electrode recordings toExpand
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Construction of Direction Selectivity through Local Energy Computations in Primary Visual Cortex
Despite detailed knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of neurons in primary visual cortex (V1), the large numbers of inputs onto a given V1 neuron make it difficult to relate them to theExpand
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Nanoflex for neural nanoprobes
Scaling up the number of recording sites for neuronal interfaces while minimizing the impact on brain function presents several engineering challenges. Here we focus on miniaturizing the probe cableExpand
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Python for Large-Scale Electrophysiology
Electrophysiology is increasingly moving towards highly parallel recording techniques which generate large data sets. We record extracellularly in vivo in cat and rat visual cortex with 54-channelExpand
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