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Contexts of Collaborative Musical Experiences
It is the intention to provide a non-technical overview of design issues inherent in configuring multiplayer experiences, particularly for entry-level players.
Collaborative Musical Experiences for Novices
It is argued that musical expression with multi-person instruments is a form of communication between the players, and it is illustrated that design for musical collaboration facilitates exploration of sound space with low entry-level skill.
The Jam-O-Drum interactive music system: a study in interaction design
It is demonstrated that this interactive music system embraces both the novice and musically trained participants by taking advantage of their intuitive abilities and social interaction skills.
The Convergence of Alternate Controllers and Musical Interfaces in Interactive Entertainment
This paper will investigate a variety of alternate controllers that are making an impact in interactive entertainment, particularly in the video game industry. Since the late 1990's, the surging
New interfaces for musical expression
This workshop brings together interface experts interested in musical controllers and musicians and composers involved in the development of new musical interfaces to discuss issues covered at past CHI meetings.
Jam-O-World: evolution of the Jam-O-Drum multi-player musical controller into the Jam-O-Whirl gaming interface
The Jam-O-World project positioned these two controller devices in a dedicated projection environment that enabled novice players to participate in immersive musical gaming experiences that requires physical and social interaction as well as collaboration among players.
Proceedings of the 2005 conference on New interfaces for musical expression
The 2005 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression is the 5th conference on new musical interface design and follows the initial NIME workshop at CHI 2001. Since then,
A dice game in third person augmented reality
Face-to-face gameplay, integrated with the physicality of a traditional dice game, display results on a shared projection screen from a third-person point-of-view provides a unique application of AR-Toolkit for merging the spectacle of modern video games with a tangible interface.
JAM-O-WORLD: Evolution of the Jam-O-Drum into the Jam-O-Whirl Gaming Interface
A pressure sensitive tape composed of a polyethylene base film; a warp knit, weft inserted, continuous filament substrate and a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the film through the substrate.
Creating a Level Playing Field : Improvisational Play and Collaboration in Education
Improvisational play methods encourage collaboration, communication and connection amongst groups. Learning can also be enhanced by the basic elements of improvisation; spontaneity, flexibility, and