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Seasonal Dynamics of Mesozooplankton in Brazilian Coastal Waters
The composition, numerical abundance and seasonal distribution of mesozooplankton, in addition to copepod biomass, were studied in the São Sebastião Channel (SSC) during different seasonal periodsExpand
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Three new species of benthonic Harpacticoida (Copepoda, Crustacea) from São Sebastião Channel
Three benthonic Harpacticoida (Crustacea) new to science were collected in the Sao Sebastiao Channel region (SE Coast of Brazil): Rhizotrix virginiae n.sp. (Rhizotrichidae), Galapalaophonte alvaroiExpand
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Seasonal dynamics of microzooplankton in the São Sebastião Channel (SP, Brazil).
The qualitative composition, numerical abundance and seasonal distribution of microzooplankton in the São Sebastião Channel were studied in different seasonal periods. Data are presented for 43Expand
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Quinquelaophonte varians n. sp. (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Crustacea) and notes on its developmental stages
Quinquelaophonte varians n. sp. is described from samples collected in the rocky pools near to the Center of Marine Biology, University of Sao Paulo, and from bottom samples taken near to GuaecaExpand
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On Tetragonicipitidae (Crustacea, Copepoda) from the Channel of São Sebastiao, Brazil, with description of their nauplii and two new species of Phyllopodopsyllus.
Phyllopodopsyllus iuanamai sp. nov. and Phyllopodopsylluspseudokunzi sp. nov. are described from specimens collected in the Channel of Sao Sebastiao (State of Sao Paulo, Brazil). The nauplii of P.Expand
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The naupliar stages of Cyclopina yutimaete Lotufo (Cyclopinidae, Cyclopoida)
The six naupliar stages of Cyclopina yutimaete Lotufo are described and compared to other cyclopoid nauplii. They seem more similar to freshwater cyclopoid nauplii than to marine species. The hirsuteExpand
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Conhecimento atual sobre o comportamento alimentar de Copépodos Calanoida em ambientes marinhos.
Informacoes obtidas sobre estudos que abordam o comportamento alimentar de copepodos Calanoida foram reunidas, para tracar um panorama do conhecimento atual sobre o assunto. As informacoes atuaisExpand
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Myzomolgus sipunculensis sp. nov. (Cyclopoida, Catiniidae), um novo copépode associado a sipuncúlidos do Brasil
Catiniid copepods are characterized by the presence of a pedunculate sucker on the antenna. Four genera are currently included in the family Catiniidae: Catinia , Cotylemyzon , Cotylomolgus andExpand