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Sperm competition in birds : evolutionary causes and consequences
Birds as vehicles for sperm competition avian mating systems and sperm competition male and female reproductive systems and the fertile period sperm precedence and mechanisms of sperm competitionExpand
The genome of a songbird
This work shows that song behaviour engages gene regulatory networks in the zebra finch brain, altering the expression of long non-coding RNAs, microRNAs, transcription factors and their targets and shows evidence for rapid molecular evolution in the songbird lineage of genes that are regulated during song experience. Expand
Sperm competition and sexual selection
This chapter discusses Sperm Competition in Birds, Sexual Selection in Spiders and Other Arachnids, and Reproduction, Mating Strategies and Sperm competition in Marsupials and Monotremes. Expand
Sperm morphological diversity
Publisher Summary This chapter reviews the current knowledge of variation in sperm morphology over several levels of biological organization: variation within males (both within and acrossExpand
Sperm competition in birds.
  • T. Birkhead
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Reviews of reproduction
  • 1 May 1998
Sperm competition in birds occurs when a female is inseminated by more than one male during a single breeding cycle and the optimal strategy for both males and females to maximize their likelihood of extra-pair fertilization is to copulate with an extra- Pair partner as close as possible to the onset of oviposition. Expand
Carotenoid Modulation of Immune Function and Sexual Attractiveness in Zebra Finches
It is shown that manipulation of dietary carotenoid supply invokes parallel changes in cell-mediated immune function and sexual attractiveness in male zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata). Expand
Evolution of sex: Postcopulatory sexual selection
Three main issues that should be resolved to advance the understanding of postcopulatory sexual selection are identified: to determine the genetic basis of different male fertility traits and female traits that mediate sperm selection, and establish the coevolutionary trajectory of sexes. Expand
It is suggested that future models of sperm‐size evolution consider not only the role of sperm competition, but also how female control and manipulation of ejaculates after insemination selects for different sperm morphologies. Expand
The magpies : the ecology and behaviour of balck-billed and yellow-billed magpies
The author has studied both species of magpie in Europe and the United States, and provides, in this text, an account of their ecology and behaviour. Expand