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Limiting oxygen coverage on platinized platinum; Relevance to determination of real platinum area by hydrogen adsorption
Summary A limiting oxygen coverage is found on platinized platinum electrodes and identified as a monolayer of chemisorbed oxygen atoms. Evidence is presented to support a realistic separation ofExpand
The Electrochemistry of Surface Oxidation of Chalcopyrite
Linear sweep voltammetry with a freshly renewed surface of a chalcopyrite (CuFeS/sub 2/) mineral electrode shows a small anodic prewave in acid electrolytes. The main anodic reaction, with completeExpand
Anodic behaviour of pyrite in acid solutions
Abstract In acid solution, pyrite gives reproducible anodic current3voltage curves with Tafel slopes 95 ± 10 mV. There is no influence of pyrite semiconducting properties on the kinetics of the anodeExpand
Anodic electrochemistry of chalcopyrite
The anodic behaviour of chalcopyrite in 1 M H2SO4 and 1 M HCl was studied by linear sweep voltammetry and potentiostatic electrolysis. Voltammograms with a fresh surface showed a small prewave,Expand
How carbon pricing changes the relative competitiveness of low-carbon baseload generating technologi
There is wide public debate about which electricity generating technologies will best be suited to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Sometimes this debate ignores real-world practicalities andExpand
The electrolytic reduction of chalcopyrite in acid solution
Chalcopyrite electrodes of both natural and synthetic material were cathodically reduced in several acid electrolytes. At current densities below 10mA cm−2 chalcocite was formed and at higherExpand
Dissolution kinetics of copper sulphide anodes
Abstract Constant current and voltammetric experiments were carried out with synthetic and natural chalcocite and synthetic digenite anodes in a variety of electrolytes. Rapid dissolution of copperExpand
The hidden costs of electricity: externalities of power generation in Australia
The key finding of this review is that a greater focus on externalities, preferably quantified in monetary terms, will help Australia to gain maximum social and environmental benefit from theExpand
Oxygen reduction on sulphide minerals: Part I. Kinetics and mechanism at rotated pyrite electrodes
Summary The electro-reduction of oxygen was studied at rotated electrodes of the sulphide mineral pyrite (FeS2). Kinetic parameters were obtained from currentpotential measurements at the foot of theExpand