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Transition of sandstone composition of the Cretaceous Terasoma Formation in the Shimanto Belt of the Kii Peninsula, and its significance
Both heavy mineral analysis and modal composition analysis were carried out for the same sandstones in the Late Cretaceous Terasoma Formation of the Shimanto Supergroup in the Kii Peninsula,Expand
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How are the roofing and unroofing processes reflected in sandstone composition? —A case study in the Shimanto Belt, Kii Peninsula, southwestern Japan—
Multi-approach studies combining modal, heavy mineral and garnet analyses of sandstones have been carried out on the Late Cretaceous Terasoma Formation and the Palaeogene Otonashigawa AccretionaryExpand
The Influence of the Concentration of the Hydroponic Nutrient Culture Solutions on the Cracking of Cherry Tomato with Special Emphasis on Water Relationship
The relationships between the concentration of nutrient culture solutions and cracking in cherry tomato cv. Sun Cherry were studied.1. From 10 days after planting to the end of harvest, plants wereExpand
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