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The Swift gamma-ray burst mission
The Swift mission, scheduled for launch in 2004, is a multiwavelength observatory for gamma-ray burst astronomy. Expand
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Towards a unified model for black hole X-ray binary jets
We present a unified semiquantitative model for the disc–jet coupling in black hole X-ray binary systems. In the process we have compiled observational aspects from the existing literature, as wellExpand
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The evolution of the timing properties of the black-hole transient GX 339-4 during its 2002/2003 outburst
We present the results of the timing and color analysis of more than two hundred RXTE/PCA observations of the bright black-hole transient GX 339-4 obtained during its 2002/2003 outburst. TheExpand
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Correlated X-ray Spectral and Timing Behavior of the Black Hole Candidate
We present an analysis of data of the black hole candidate and X-ray transient XTE J1550-564, taken with the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer between 1998 November 22 and 1999 May 20. During this periodExpand
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A Unified Description of the Timing Features of Accreting X-Ray Binaries
We study an empirical model for a unified description of the power spectra of accreting neutron stars and black holes. This description is based on a superposition of multiple Lorentzians and offersExpand
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Aquila X-1 from Outburst to Quiescence: The Onset of the Propeller Effect and Signs of a Turned-on Rotation-powered Pulsar
We report on the 1997 March-April BeppoSAX observations of Aquila X-1, which were the first to monitor the evolution of the spectral and time-variability properties of a neutron star soft X-rayExpand
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The ABC of low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations in Black-Hole Candidates: analogies with Z-sources
Three main types of low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations (LFQPOs) have been observed in black hole candidates. We reanalyzed RXTE data of the bright systems XTE J1859+226, XTE J1550-564, and GXExpand
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A global spectral study of black hole X-ray binaries
We report on a consistent and comprehensive spectral analysis of the X-ray emission of 25 black hole X-ray binaries. All publicly available observations of the black hole binaries in the RXTE archiveExpand
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The Discovery of Rapid X-Ray Oscillations in the Tail of the SGR 1806-20 Hyperflare
We have discovered rapid quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) in RXTE/PCA measurements of the pulsating tail of the 2004 December 27 giant flare of SGR 1806-20. QPOs at ~92.5 Hz are detected in a 50 sExpand
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The evolution of the high-energy cut-off in the X-ray spectrum of GX 339−4 across a hard-to-soft transition
We report on X-ray observations of the black hole candidate GX 339−4 during its 2006/2007 outburst. The hardness–intensity diagram (HID) of all RXTE/Proportional Counter Array data combined shows aExpand
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