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Modified telomeric repeat amplification protocol: a quantitative radioactive assay for telomerase without using electrophoresis.
A polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based radioactive telomerase assay was developed in our laboratory which is quantitative and does not require electrophoretic evaluation (designated as TP-TRAP; itExpand
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Effect of increasing thiolation of the polycytidylic acid strand of poly I: poly C on the α, β and γ interferon-inducing properties, antiviral and antiproliferative activities
Double-stranded RNAs induce interferons and cause the development of antiviral and antiproliferative activities. Antiviral activity is related to the production of interferons and other proteins thatExpand
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Calvacin: A New Antitumor Agent.
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Synthetic porphyrins. I. Synthesis and spectra of some para‐substituted meso ‐ Tetraphenylporphines
A series of derivatives of meso-tetraphenylporphine, with neutral, acidic and basic functional groups, has been prepared. Several of these compounds were synthesized directly via the RothemundExpand
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The activation of murine macrophages and natural killer cells by the partially thiolated double stranded RNA poly(I)-mercapto poly(C).
Partially thiolated analogs of the biological response modifier poly I.poly C (pI.pC) were synthesized. Each of these analogs (pI.MPC) contained a partially thiolated polycytidylate (MPC) strandExpand
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Inhibition of DNA polymerases from RNA tumor viruses by novel template analogues: partially thiolated polycytidylic acid.
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Comparative study of the thymidine kinase and thymidylate kinase activities and of the feedbach inhibition of thymidine kinase in normal and neoplastic human tissue.
SUMMARYActivitylevelsofthymidinekinaseandthymidylate kinaseweredetermined inextractsfrom23matchedhumanneoplasticandnormaltissuepairs.ThymidinekinaseactivitywashigherinthetumorthaninthecorrespondingExpand
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