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M theory as a matrix model: A Conjecture
We suggest and motivate a precise equivalence between uncompactified 11-dimensional M theory and the N={infinity} limit of the supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics describing D0 branes. The
Symmetries and Strings in Field Theory and Gravity
We discuss aspects of global and gauged symmetries in quantum field theory and quantum gravity, focusing on discrete gauge symmetries. An effective Lagrangian description of Zp gauge theories shows
On the possibility of large axion decay constants
The decay constant of the QCD axion is required by observation to be small compared with the Planck scale. In theories of `natural inflation' and certain proposed anthropic solutions of the
AdS Dynamics from Conformal Field Theory
We explore the extent to which a local string theory dynamics in anti-de Sitter space can be determined from its proposed Conformal Field Theory (CFT) description. Free fields in the bulk are
A Model for High Energy Scattering in Quantum Gravity
We present a model for high energy two body scattering in a quantum theory of gravity. The model is applicable for center of mass energies higher than the relevant Planck scale. At impact parameters