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The Politics of the
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Institutions, Inertia and European Union Research Policy
Explanations of the failure of integration are a natural preserve of intergovernmentalism. It is not difficult to blame the failure to integrate on recalcitrant states - and they are in fact oftenExpand
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Path Dependence and Value-Driven Issues: The Comparative Politics of Stem Cell Research
The politics of stem cell research poses a puzzle: the explanation of different national responses to the same scientific breakthroughs. Policy struggles across the major scientific powers haveExpand
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German Identity and European Integration
Although the structural constraints facing Germany shifted dramatically with the end of the Cold War and reunification, the direction of its European policy did not. The more powerful FederalExpand
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Beyond the Third Dimension: Geometry, Computer Graphics, and Higher Dimensions
From the Publisher: Beyond The Third Dimension investigates ways of picturing and understanding dimensions below and above our own. Ranging from Egyptian pyramids to the nineteenth-century satireExpand
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Legitimacy and the European Union: The Contested Polity
Since the Maastricht ratification debate of the early 1990s, the legitimacy of the European Union has become a subject of controversy. With unprecedented force, Europeans have begun to question theExpand
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Democracy and the new religious pluralism
In this book, a group of leading scholars-including Peter Berger, John Esposito, Robert Wuthnow, Martha Nussbaum, Diana Eck, Stanley Hauerwas, and Miroslav Volf-examines the new religious pluralismExpand
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Flatland: An Edition with Notes and Commentary
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Counting tritangent planes of space curves
LET C be a smooth simple closed curve in Iw3. A tritangent plane of C is a plane in W3 which is tangent to C at exactly three points. A stall x of C is a point of C at which the torsion of C is zero.Expand
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The German Problem Transformed: Institutions, Politics, and Foreign Policy, 1945-1995
Does the new, more powerful Germany pose a threat to its neighbors? Does the new German Problem resemble the old? "The German Problem Transformed" addresses these questions fifty years after theExpand
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