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Thermal and high-pressure inactivation kinetics of carrot pectinmethylesterase: From model system to real foods
Abstract Pectinmethylesterase (PME) was extracted from carrots ( Daucus carrota ) and subsequently purified by affinity chromatography on a CNBr-Sheparose-PME inhibitor (PMEI) column. DetailedExpand
S-layer, a new support for enzyme immobilization
The immobilization of enzymes has not been reported earlier on the two-dimensional crystalline bacterial cell surface (S-layer). In this study we tested S-layer isolated from BacillusExpand
Novel reaction systems for the synthesis of O-glucosides by enzymatic reverse hydrolysis
Abstract Our studies are presented to replace alcohols as solvents in reverse hydrolytic reactions catalyzed by immobilized β-glucosidase to synthesize O -substituted β- d -glucopyranosides inExpand
A preparative-scale synthesis of O-alkyl-b-D-glucosides by enzymatic reverse hydrolysis
A preparative-scale synthesis of O-substituted β-D-glucopyranosides catalyzed by immobilized β -glucosidase in reverse hydrolytic reactions was attempted by using our novel reaction system. In thisExpand
Quantifiable differences b , etween phytolith assembla $ es detected at species level : analysis of thLe leaves of nine poa speciel ( loaceae )
The taxonomic value of phy,olith assemblages and their Aon,.o nrrr.-i.l,i rit,,..,i+r.: r:{rl^-^, ^^ -: ^ ^ c LL , cfill ^.,-l^*-.^1,,^J :^---^ : ,r | , still an undervalued issue in the botanicalExpand