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Group multi-criteria decision making based upon interval-valued fuzzy numbers: An extension of the MULTIMOORA method
We extend the MULTIMOORA method with type-2 fuzzy sets viz. generalized interval-valued trapezoidal fuzzy numbers for multi-criteria decision making. Expand
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The energy intensity in Lithuania during 1995–2009: A LMDI approach
The measurement, assessment, and effective mitigation of energy intensity compose a foremost objective of contemporary energy policy. Although the European Union (EU) Member States have beenExpand
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Personnel selection based on computing with words and fuzzy MULTIMOORA
We extend the fuzzy MULTIMOORA for linguistic reasoning under group decision making and apply it to personnel selection. Expand
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Fuzzy decision support methodology for sustainable energy crop selection
Both strategic and environmental factors make biomass an important energy source and element of sustainable energy policy. The establishment of a reasonable energy crop-mix, indeed, involves variousExpand
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An integrated assessment of Lithuanian economic sectors based on financial ratios and fuzzy MCDM methods
Abstract The aim of this study was to offer a novel procedure for integrated assessment and comparison of Lithuanian economic sectors on the basis of financial ratios and fuzzy MCDM methods. TheExpand
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Prioritizing sustainable electricity production technologies: MCDM approach
Economic, technological, social, and political developments stressed the need for shifts in energy-mix. Therefore it is important to provide a rationale for sustainable decision making in energyExpand
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A Survey on Development and Applications of the Multi‐criteria Decision Making Method MULTIMOORA
This paper focuses on the MULTIMOORA method. Specifically, it discusses its development as well as extensions alongside with an overview of their applications. Indeed, the MULTIMOORA is a relativelyExpand
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An innovative multi-criteria supplier selection based on two-tuple multimoora and hybrid data
A multi-criteria decision making method MULTIMOORA (Multi-Objective Analysis by Ratio Analysis plus the Full Multiplicative Form) is extended to tackle fuzzy supplier selection problem, which is an important part of supply chain management model. Expand
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Evaluating situation of Lithuania in the European Union: Structural indicators and MULTIMOORA method
Abstract According to the Lisbon Strategy, which was adopted in 2000, the European Union (EU) should become the most competitive region in the World. Goals, defined in the strategy, and instrumentsExpand
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Do NGOs and Development Agencies Contribute to Sustainability of Smallholder Soybean Farmers in Northern Ghana—A Stochastic Production Frontier Approach
NGOs and development agencies have a conspicuous presence in facilitating capacity building, access to production resources and markets. Capacity building by NGOs and development agencies is expectedExpand
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