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Characterization of ameboid microglia isolated from developing mammalian brain
  • D. Giulian, T. Baker
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of neuroscience : the official…
  • 1 August 1986
Ameboid microglia are isolated from the cerebral tissue of neonatal rat by selective cell adhesion to plastic. Histochemical markers show that the microglial preparations are homogeneous (95 +/- 3%)Expand
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Mesh generation: Art or science?
Abstract Mesh generation has evolved to the point where highly complicated domains can be covered by a variety of mesh types including hexahedral, tetrahedral and overset meshes. The application ofExpand
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Laparoscopic Live Donor Nephrectomy: A Risk Factor for Delayed Function and Rejection in Pediatric Kidney Recipients? A UNOS Analysis
The impact of laparoscopic (vs. open) donor nephrectomy on early graft function and survival in pediatric kidney recipients (≤18 years) is unknown.
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Altitude and latitude variations in avionics SEU and atmospheric neutron flux
The direct cause of single event upsets (SEUs) in static random-access memories (SRAMs) at aircraft altitudes by atmospheric neutrons has been documented previously. The variation of the in-flightExpand
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Mesh adaptation strategies for problems in fluid dynamics
Mesh adaptation procedures are reviewed and discussed with particular emphasis on methods that are based on mesh movement (r-refinement) and mesh enrichment (h-Refinement). Expand
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Three dimensional mesh generation by triangulation of arbitrary point sets
A method for generating an unstructured mesh that is suitable for a finite element based flow solver . Expand
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Brittle fracture in polycrystalline microstructures with the extended finite element method
A two-dimensional numerical model of microstructural effects in brittle fracture is presented, with an aim towards the understanding of toughening mechanisms in polycrystalline materials such asExpand
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Analysis of triangle quality measures
Several of the more commonly used triangle quality measures are analyzed and compared. Expand
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Improvements to the aircraft Euler method
An unstructured mesh of tetrahedra offers an attractive approach to mesh generation for complex three dimensional shapes. The combination of a method for constructing tetrahedral meshes and a finiteExpand
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