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Growth patterns and food habits of Baetis rhodani, Capnia pygmaea and Diura nanseni in a West Norwegian river
Baekken, T. 1981. Growth patterns and food habits of Baetis rhodani. Capnia pygmaea atid Diura nanseni in a West Norwegian river. - Holaret. Ecol. 4: 139-144. As a part of weir-pond-eco systemExpand
Effects of highway pollutants on a small Norwegian lake
Abstract A small lake ecosystem close to a highway was investigated to reveal the possible effects of highway pollutants. Comparing data on oxygen and specific conductivity before construction of theExpand
Levocabastine compared with sodium cromoglygate eyedrops in children with both birch and grass pollen allergy
Fifty–five children 6–16 years old with allergic rhinoconjunctivitis due to both birch and grass pollinosis were randomized into 2 parallel groups, treated in double–blind fashion with eitherExpand
A Comparison of Sea Water and Fresh Water in a Study of Sediment_Water Exchange of Radionuclides
The interaction of contaminated fresh water sediment with the marine environment is one of the important processes taking place in estuaries. Sediments contaminated by discharges from nuclearExpand
Nitrogen runoff from tunnel blasted rocks--a large-scale test.
  • T. Baekken
  • Medicine, Environmental Science
  • Water environment research : a research…
  • 1 June 2014
Eight tunnel blasted rock samples were washed five times in 10 m3 containers to calculate the runoff potential of nitrogen from unexploded remains of the ammonium nitrate slurry explosive in rockExpand
Seasonal Fluctuations of Physical and Chemical Parameters of a Weir Basin in a Regulated West Norwegian River
Both before (1967-69) and after (1976-78) the regulation of the river Ekso in western Norway, physical and chemical analyses were made of the river water. After the regulation water samples forExpand