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Growth performance, haemo-biochemical parameters and meat quality characteristics of male Japanese quails fed a Lippia javanica-based diet
It was concluded that inclusion of L. javanica in quail diets at 25 g/kg feed promoted similar growth performance, health status, and carcass and meat quality traits as the commercial grower diet containing antibiotics and has potential as an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters in Japanese quails. Expand
Growth performance, blood parameters, carcass characteristics and meat quality traits in Potchefstroom Koekoek chickens fed Lippia javanica leaf meal
It was concluded that L. javanica leaf meal can be included up to 50 g/kg in Potchefstroom koekoek chicken diets without causing negative effects on the birds’ feed intake, utilisation and weight gain. Expand
Exogenous carbohydrases do not improve the physiological and meat quality parameters of female Japanese quail fed canola-based diets
It was concluded that inclusion of exogenous carbohydrases alone did not improve the utilization of a canola meal-based quail diet, however, there is a possibility that utilization of higher canola levels would be enhanced through multi-enzyme combinations. Expand
Dietary Green Seaweed Compromises Overall Feed Conversion Efficiency but not Blood Parameters and Meat Quality and Stability in Broiler Chickens
While an optimum inclusion level could not be established for seaweed based on growth performance, improvements in some meat shelf life indicators were observed in the broilers reared on seaweed-containing diets. Expand
Effect of Pre-Treating Dietary Green Seaweed with Proteolytic and Fibrolytic Enzymes on Physiological and Meat Quality Parameters of Broiler Chickens
The use of seaweeds as nutraceuticals in chicken diets is limited by high fibre levels and low protein digestibility. Therefore, we tested the effect of pre-treating dietary seaweed (Ulva sp.) with aExpand