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Umlaut in Optimality Theory
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Infixation and segmental constraint effects: UM and IN in Tagalog, Chamorro, and Toba Batak
Abstract The proper understanding of infixation continues to be a matter of debate among linguists. The data presented in this paper show that infixation in Austronesian languages is not exclusivelyExpand
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>Umlaut< in Optimality Theory: A Comparative Analysis of German and Chamorro
A comprehensive comparative analysis of the phonology and morphology of the umlaut alternation in present-day German and the Austronesian language Chamorro is presented in the framework of Optimality Theory. Expand
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Syllable structure and lexical markedness in Creole morphophonology: Determiner allomorphy in Haitian and elsewhere
The postposed definite determiner (DET) in French-lexified Antillean Creoles such as Haitian and St. Lucian displays an unexpected pattern of allomorphy. Its C-initial form la appears afterExpand
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Typology of creole phonology: Phoneme inventories and syllable templates
This paper reports on the analysis of a typological database of creole phoneme inventories and surface syllables. The sample encompasses a balanced set of creole languages lexified by Indo-EuropeanExpand
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African Sounds in Gullah Geechee and on Middle Caicos
L ORENZO Dow TURNER'S (1949) Afticanisms in the Gullah Dialed is a priceless source of insight and material on Gullah from the first half of the twentieth century. Gullah is also known as Geechee inExpand
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Segmental Typology of African CreoleLanguages: Examining Uniformity, Simplification and Simplicity
Until very recently, phonology has been neglected as an area in the study of Creole languages (Bhatt & Plag 2006b, Plag 2003b). Thus, it is perhaps not surprising to note that typological work onExpand
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