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Development of a melter system for actinide vitrification. Revision 1
The stabilization of actinides in glass was a technology considered for repository disposal of weapons-grade plutonium. Accelerated development efforts of a suitable glass composition (lanthanideExpand
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A team led by BNFL, Inc. was awarded the contract to remediate and immobilize the Hanford radioactive tank waste in support of the Hanford River Protection Program (RPP). BNFL, Inc. is teamed withExpand
Foaming in Hanford River Protection Project Waste Treatment Plant LAW Evaporation Processes - FY01 Summary Report
The LAW evaporation processes currently being designed for the Hanford River Protection Project Waste Treatment Plant are subject to foaming. Experimental simulant studies have been conducted in anExpand
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Radioactive Waste Evaporation: Current Methodologies Employed for the Development, Design and Operation of Waste Evaporators at the Savannah River Site and Hanford Waste Treatment Plant
Evaporation of High level and Low Activity (HLW and LAW) radioactive wastes for the purposes of radionuclide separation and volume reduction has been conducted at the Savannah River and Hanford SitesExpand
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Laser scanning confocal microscopic investigations of simulated nuclear waste structures
Researchers at the Department of Energy's Savannah River Technology Center are using advanced microscopy techniques to understand the effects of trace organic chemical additions on nuclear waste slurry flow properties. Expand
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Understanding the Effects of Dispersant Addition to Slurry Rheology using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
Abstract The effectiveness of three dispersants to modify slurry rheology was examined using rheology measurements and laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM) in simulated waste solutions. All ofExpand
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Foaming and Antifoaming in Radioactive Waste Pretreatment and Immobilization Processes
Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) has reported severe foaminess in the bench scale evaporation of the Hanford River Protection - Waste Treatment Plant (RPP-WPT) envelope C waste. ExcessiveExpand
Stability of Dow Corning Q2-3183A Antifoam Agent in Irradiated Hydroxide Solution
Researchers at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) examined the stability of Dow Corning Q2-3183A antifoam agent to radiation and aqueous hydroxide solutions. Initial foam control studiesExpand
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