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A tool for filtering information in complex systems.
We introduce a technique to filter out complex data sets by extracting a subgraph of representative links. Expand
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Long-term memories of developed and emerging markets: Using the scaling analysis to characterize their stage of development
The scaling properties encompass in a simple analysis many of the volatility characteristics of financial markets. That is why we use them to probe the different degree of markets development. WeExpand
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Scaling behaviors in differently developed markets
Scaling properties of four different stock market indices are studied in terms of a generalized Hurst exponent approach. We find that the deviations from pure Brownian motion behavior are associatedExpand
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The pursuit of perfect packing
Prefaces How Many Sweets in the Jar? Loose Change and Tight Packing A Teasing but Tractable Problem A Handful of Coins Order and Disorder Hard Problems with Hard Spheres The Greengrocer's DilemmaExpand
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Spread of risk across financial markets: better to invest in the peripheries
Risk is not uniformly spread across financial markets and this fact can be exploited to reduce investment risk contributing to improve global financial stability. We discuss how, by extracting theExpand
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Geometrical structure of disordered sphere packings.
The three-dimensional structure of large packings of monosized spheres with volume fractions ranging between 0.58 and 0.64 has been studied with x-ray computed tomography. We search for signatures ofExpand
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Investigating the geometrical structure of disordered sphere packings
Bead packs of up to 150,000 mono-sized spheres with packing densities ranging from 0.58 to 0.64 have been studied by means of X-ray computed tomography. These studies represent the largest and theExpand
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Variations around disordered close packing
The most suitable paradigms and tools for investigating the structure of granular packings are reviewed and discussed in the light of some recent empirical results. I examine the 'typical' localExpand
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Exponential smoothing weighted correlations
In many practical applications, correlation matrices might be affected by the “curse of dimensionality” and by an excessive sensitiveness to outliers and remote observations. These shortcomings canExpand
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Interplay between topology and dynamics in the World Trade Web
Abstract.We present an empirical analysis of the network formed by the trade relationships between all world countries, or World Trade Web (WTW). Each (directed) link is weighted by the amount ofExpand
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