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Bounds on Universal Extra Dimensions
We show that the bound from the electroweak data on the size of extra dimensions accessible to all the standard model elds is rather loose. These \universal" extra dimensions could have a
Dimensional reduction in quantum gravity
The phenomenon of dimensional reduction in quantum theories of gravity is described. The five‐dimensional Kaluza‐Klein model is studied and the one‐loop effective potential, as a function of the
Infrared Singularities and Massive Fields
We examine some problems associated with the low-momentum behavior of gauge theories and other renormalizable field theories. Our main interest is in the infrared structure of unbroken non-Abelian
Strongly interacting Higgs bosons
The sensitivity of present-energy weak interactions to a strongly interacting heavy-Higgs-boson sector is discussed. The gauged nonlinear sigma model, which is the limit of the linear model as the
Nonexotic Neutral Gauge Bosons
We study theoretical and experimental constraints on electroweak theories including a new color-singlet and electrically-neutral gauge boson. We first note that the electric charges of the observed
The Physical spectrum of conformal SU(N) gauge theories
We investigate the physical spectrum of vector-like SU(N) gauge theories with infrared coupling close to but above the critical value for a conformal phase transition. We use dispersion relations,
High-temperature Yang-Mills theories and three-dimensional quantum chromodynamics
We demonstrate that for sufficiently high temperature T the behavior of any four-dimensional gauge theory with small coupling constant a, at distances beyond the electrical Debye screening length
Enhanced Global Symmetries and The Chiral Phase Transition
We examine the possibility that the physical spectrum of a vectorlike gauge field theory exhibits an enhanced global symmetry near a chiral phase transition. A transition from the Goldstone phase to
A new constraint on strongly coupled field theories
We propose a new constraint on the structure of strongly coupled, asymptotically free field theories. The constraint takes the form of an inequality limiting the number of degrees of freedom in the
Universal extra dimensions and the Higgs boson mass
We study the combined constraints on the compactification scale $1/R$ and the Higgs boson mass ${m}_{H}$ in the standard model with one or two universal extra dimensions. Focusing on precision