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Locomotion selection strategy for multi-locomotion robot based on stability and efficiency
This paper shows improvement of stability and efficiency for mobility using locomotion selection algorithm based on Falling Risk. Expand
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High frame-rate tracking of multiple color-patterned objects
We develop a high frame-rate vision system that can execute color histogram-based tracking of multiple color-patterned objects in a 512 × 512 image at 2,000 fps by implementing an expanded cell-based labeling algorithm as the hardware logic. Expand
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Locomotion selection of Multi-Locomotion Robot based on Falling Risk and moving efficiency
This paper deals with a method of locomotion selection based on Falling Risk and moving efficiency based on Bayesian Network. Expand
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Modification of body schema by use of extra robotic thumb
In recent years, there has been great interest in the possibility of using artificial limbs as an extension of the human body as well as replacement of lost limbs. In this paper, we develop a sixthExpand
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Stabilizing and Direction Control of Efficient 3-D Biped Walking Based on PDAC
This paper proposes a 3-D biped dynamic walking algorithm based on passive dynamic autonomous control (PDAC). The robot dynamics is modeled as an autonomous system of a 3-D inverted pendulum byExpand
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PDAC-Based 3-D Biped Walking Adapted to Rough Terrain Environment
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Simultaneous Vision-Based Shape and Motion Analysis of Cells Fast-Flowing in a Microchannel
This paper proposes a novel concept for simultaneous cell shape and motion analysis in fast microchannel flows by implementing a multiobject feature extraction algorithm on a frame-straddling high-speed vision platform. Expand
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High-Frame-Rate Structured Light 3-D Vision for Fast Moving Objects
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LOC-Based High-Throughput Cell Morphology Analysis System
We present a high-speed vision-based morphological analysis system for fast-flowing cells in a microchannel. Expand
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