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Characterization of Laccases and Peroxidases from Wood-Rotting Fungi (Family Coprinaceae)
ABSTRACT Panaeolus sphinctrinus, Panaeolus papilionaceus, and Coprinus friesii are described as producers of ligninolytic enzymes. P. papilionaceus andP. sphinctrinus both produced a laccase. InExpand
The strobilurins--new antifungal antibiotics from the basidiomycete Strobilurus tenacellus.
The strobilurins are two antifungal antibiotics which were isolated from the mycelium of Strobilurus tenacellus strain No. 21602. The strobilurins A and B are highly active against yeasts andExpand
Fungal natural products in research and development.
To date approximately 100 000 fungal species are known although far more than one million are expected. The variety of species and the diversity of their habitats, some of them less exploited, allowExpand
Inhibition of interleukin‐6 signaling by galiellalactone
A search for inhibitors of the IL‐6‐mediated signal transduction in HepG2 cells using secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) as reporter gene resulted in the isolation of galiellalactone (1) fromExpand
Basidiomycetes: a source for new bioactive secondary metabolites
Criblage intensif de basidiomycetes produisant des metabolites intermediaires biologiquement actifs, et isolement de nouveaux antibacteriens, antiviraux, antifongiques ainsi que de composesExpand
Strobilurins: Evolution of a New Class of Active Substances.
A fungus that grows on pinecones yields a compound with antifungal activity that has become the natural model for a significant innovation in crop protection. Variation and optimization of the leadExpand
The molecular basis for the natural resistance of the cytochrome bc1 complex from strobilurin-producing basidiomycetes to center Qp inhibitors.
Mitochondria from the strobilurin A producing basidiomycetes Strobilurus tenacellus and Mycena galopoda exhibit natural resistance to (E)-beta-methoxyacrylate inhibitors of the ubiquinol oxidationExpand
Characterization of the ferrichrome A biosynthetic gene cluster in the homobasidiomycete Omphalotus olearius.
Under iron deprivation Omphalotus olearius was found to produce the hydroxamate siderophore ferrichrome A. A gene cluster consisting of three genes: fso1, a nonribosomal peptide synthetase whoseExpand
Antibiotics from basidiomycetes. XVIII. Strobilurin C and oudemansin B, two new antifungal metabolites from Xerula species (Agaricales).
Two new antifungal (E)-beta-methoxyacrylates, strobilurin C and oudemansin B, were isolated from cultures of Xerula longipes and Xerula melanotricha. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopicExpand