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Lepidopteran sex pheromones.
As a consequence of the diversity of Lepidoptera, including 150,000 described species, interesting species-specific sex pheromone systems are exhibited in this insect group. The quite variedExpand
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Pheromone gland-specific fatty-acyl reductase of the silkmoth, Bombyx mori
The C10-C18 unsaturated, acyclic, aliphatic compounds that contain an oxygenated functional group (alcohol, aldehyde, or acetate ester) are a major class of sex pheromones produced by female moths.Expand
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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult Intussusception
Background Intussusception in adults is often diagnosed on computed tomography (CT), and the optimal treatment of this entity is not universally agreed upon. We report our experience in an attempt toExpand
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Involvement of a bifunctional fatty-acyl desaturase in the biosynthesis of the silkmoth, Bombyx mori, sex pheromone.
The straight-chain C(10) to C(18) unsaturated aliphatic compounds containing an oxygenated functional group (aldehyde, alcohol, or acetate ester) derived from saturated C(16) or C(18) fatty acids areExpand
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Background:  Appropriate closure of the pancreatic remnant after distal pancreatectomy remains controversial. Data on distal pancreatectomy were reviewed to evaluate the effectiveness of stapleExpand
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Analyses of lepidopteran sex pheromones by mass spectrometry
Abstract Lepidoptera, including about 150,000 species in the world, comprise the second largest insect group, and sex pheromones have been identified from virgin female moths of more than 600Expand
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Transport of a hydrophobic biosynthetic precursor by lipophorin in the hemolymph of a geometrid female moth which secretes an epoxyalkenyl sex pheromone.
Previous experiments with a geometrid species, Ascotis selenaria cretacea, have suggested that a pheromonal C19 3,4-epoxy-6,9-diene is biosynthesized from the corresponding 3,6,9-triene producedExpand
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Sex Attractants for Male Lepidoptera
About one hundred of unsaturated long straight chain compounds (C10-C18) containing a terminal hydroxyl or acetoxyl group were synthesized and their attractiveness to male Lepidoptera were tested inExpand
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