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The Nordic Model. Embracing globalization and sharing risks
Is there a Nordic model? What are the main characteristics of the Nordics? What challenges are they facing? Is the Nordic welfare state viable in conditions of globalization and ageing populations?Expand
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Flexicurity - Labour Market Performance in Denmark
Unemployment is at a low and stable level in Denmark. This achievement is often attributed to the so-called flexicurity model combining flexible hiring and firing rules for employers with incomeExpand
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Price Rigidity: Causes and Macroeconomic Implications
The price adjustment process is crucial to almost any macroeconomic issue. Current macroeconomic literature freatures widely different models ranking from instantaneous price adjustment to completelyExpand
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Persistency in sticky price models
Nominal rigidities imply that monetary neutrality is broken, but can they also account for persistent effects of nominal shocks? One possible propagation mechanism may arise from the fact thatExpand
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Challenges to the Scandinavian welfare model
Abstract Policy debates with increasing frequency question whether the Scandinavian welfare model is robust to the challenges of international integration, demographic change, and changingExpand
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A Flexicurity Labour Market in the Great Recession: The Case of Denmark
Flexicurity labour markets are characterised by flexible hiring/firing rules, a generous social safety net, and active labour market policies. How can such labour markets cope with the consequencesExpand
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The Scandinavian model—prospects and challenges
Abstract Scandinavian countries are often portrayed in policy debates as model examples having shown how to square concerns for efficiency and equity. The core principle of the Scandinavian welfareExpand
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Fiscal Stabilization Policy in a Monetary Union with Inflation Targeting
The interaction between a common monetary policy targeting inflation and decentralized fiscal policies aiming at output stability is considered in a setting taking into account interdependenciesExpand
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High rate of disease-related copy number variations in childhood onset schizophrenia
Copy number variants (CNVs) are risk factors in neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, epilepsy, intellectual disability (ID) and schizophrenia. Childhood onset schizophrenia (COS), definedExpand
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Business Cycle Dependent Unemployment Insurance
The consequences of business cycle contingencies in unemployment insurance systems are considered in a search-matching model allowing for shifts between "good" and "bad" states of nature. We showExpand
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