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Unusually dynamic sex roles in a fish
Sex roles are typically thought of as being fixed for a given species. In most animals males compete for females, whereas the females are more reluctant to mate. Therefore sexual selection usuallyExpand
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Male mate choice selects for female coloration in a fish
Although sexual selection theory has proved successful in explaining a wide array of male ornaments, the function of ornaments occurring in females is largely unknown. Traditionally, female ornamentsExpand
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Ultraviolet colour vision and ornamentation in bluethroats
Many birds see in the ultraviolet (300–400 nm), but there is limited evidence for colour communication (signalling by spectral shape independently of brightness) in this ‘hidden’ waveband. Such dataExpand
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Paternity and paternity assurance behaviour in the bluethroat,Luscinias.svecica
Abstract Genetic parentage was examined in the territorial and predominantly monogamous bluethroat, by means of multilocus DNA fingerprinting. Thirty-five per cent (11/31) of nests contained one orExpand
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On the function of female ornaments: male bluethroats prefer colourful females
Female ornaments in animals with conventional sex roles have traditionally been considered non–functional, being merely a genetically correlated response to selection for male ornamentation.Expand
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Female Ornaments: Genetically Correlated or Sexually Selected?
Studies of sexual selection have so far focussed almost solely on males, and have been highly successful in explaining their often extravagant adornments. However, females of a variety of animalExpand
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Seasonal change in female choice for male size in the two-spotted goby
Mate choice may vary according to various factors, such as mate availability and variation in mate quality. We tested seasonal changes in female choice regarding male size in a marine fish, theExpand
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Effects of egg size and parental quality on early nestling growth: An experiment with the Antarctic petrel
A large number of studies have reported a positive relationship between the egg size of birds and the subsequent growth and/or survival of nestlings, but such effects may partly be due to confoundingExpand
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Animal signals : signalling and signal design in animal communication
Evolutionary implications of the interaction between animal signals and the environment efficacy and content in avian colour signals the visual ecology of reef fish colours avian UV vision and sexualExpand
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