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Laser cooling of a nanomechanical oscillator into its quantum ground state
The simple mechanical oscillator, canonically consisting of a coupled mass–spring system, is used in a wide variety of sensitive measurements, including the detection of weak forces and small masses.Expand
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Electromagnetically induced transparency and slow light with optomechanics
We demonstrate tunable optical delay of 50 nanoseconds with near-unity optical transparency, and superluminal light with a 1.4 microsecond signal advance using photon–phonon interactions. Expand
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Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Slow Light with Optomechanics
Controlling the interaction between localized optical and mechanical excitations is now possible following advances in micro- and nano-fabrication techniques. To date, most experimental studies ofExpand
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Polarization-selective excitation of nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond
The nitrogen vacancy (NV) center in diamond is promising as an electron spin qubit due to its long-lived coherence and optical addressability. The ground state is a spin triplet with two levelsExpand
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Observation of quantum motion of a nanomechanical resonator.
In this Letter we use resolved sideband laser cooling to cool a mesoscopic mechanical resonator to near its quantum ground state (phonon occupancy 2.6±0.2), and observe the motional sidebandsExpand
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Optomechanics in an ultrahigh-Q two-dimensional photonic crystal cavity
We demonstrate an ultrahigh-Q slotted two-dimensional photonic crystal cavity capable of obtaining strong interaction between the internal light field and the mechanical motion of the slottedExpand
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Quasi-two-dimensional optomechanical crystals with a complete phononic bandgap.
A fully planar two-dimensional optomechanical crystal formed in a silicon microchip is used to create a structure devoid of phonons in the GHz frequency range. A nanoscale photonic crystal cavity isExpand
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Electrostatically tunable optomechanical "zipper" cavity laser
A tunable nanoscale “zipper” laser cavity, formed from two doubly clamped photonic crystal nanobeams, is demonstrated. Pulsed, room temperature, optically pumped lasing action at λ = 1.3 μm isExpand
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Surface-plasmon mode hybridization in subwavelength microdisk lasers
Hybridization of surface-plasmon and dielectric waveguide whispering-gallery modes are demonstrated in a semiconductor microdisk laser cavity of subwavelength proportions. A metal layer is depositedExpand
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Optomechanical zipper cavity lasers: theoretical analysis of tuning range and stability.
The design of highly wavelength tunable semiconductor laser structures is presented. The system is based on a one dimensional photonic crystal cavity consisting of two patterned, doubly-clampedExpand
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