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Anti-immigration parties and the defence of liberal values: The exceptional case of the List Pim Fortuyn
The radical right parties that have emerged in Western Europe during the past thirty years have sometimes been labelled as anti-liberal. This is a puzzling qualification, considering the fact that
Comparing Radical Right Parties in Government: Immigration and Integration Policies in Nine Countries (1996–2010)
This article investigates the direct influence of radical right parties on immigration and integration policies by comparing the output of 27 cabinets of varying composition in nine countries in the
Gender and the radical right in Western Europe: a comparative analysis of policy agendas
ABSTRACT Systematic research comparing the views of populist radical-right parties with respect to gender issues is still scarce. Akkerman’s article aims to fill this gap by comparing the positions
Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe : Into the Mainstream?
Radical right-wing populist parties, such as Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom, Marine Le Pen’s National Front or Nigel Farage’s UKIP, are becoming increasingly influential in Western European
Friend or foe? Right-wing populism and the popular press in Britain and the Netherlands
The popular press is supposed to display more sympathy for populist parties. This article investigates whether popular newspapers have a stronger tendency than serious newspapers to share the
Flank attacks
How is populism distributed over the political spectrum? Are right-wing parties more populist than left-wing parties? Based on the analysis of 32 parties in five Western European countries between
‘Women and children first!’ Anti-immigration parties and gender in Norway and the Netherlands
ABSTRACT Immigration, multiculturalism and citizenship policies have deeply divided political parties in Western Europe. In Norway and the Netherlands these divisions have been exploited successfully
Populism and Democracy: Challenge or Pathology?
The recent success of radical right-wing parties in Western democracies is quite amazing, given their unimpressive history in the post-war period. These new parties are sometimes referred to as
Pariahs or Partners? Inclusion and Exclusion of Radical Right Parties and the Effects on Their Policy Positions
This article investigates the effects of inclusion and exclusion on the policy agendas of radical right parties. Radical right parties face diverging political opportunity structures in Western
Immigration policy and electoral competition in Western Europe
This article estimates policy positions of mainstream parties and radical right parties in seven countries in Western Europe over the past two decades. The assumption that mainstream parties have