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San Miguel Sea Lion Virus Isolation, Preliminary Characterization and Relationship to Vesicular Exanthema of Swine Virus
BETWEEN 1932 and 1954 there were repeated outbreaks of vesicular exanthema of swine (VES) in Californian swine herds, but since 1956 no cases have occurred in the United States and this has beenExpand
Airborne stability of tailless bacterial viruses S-13 and MS-2.
Dilution of the commercial MS-2 into tryptone broth conferred stability on the airborne virus, and Humidification prior to sampling significantly reduced the viable recovery from aerosols of commercialMS-2, whereas the laboratory preparation was unaffected. Expand
Effect of temperature and relative humidity on survival of airborne Columbia SK group viruses.
Results of this study indicated that the inactivation of airborne Col-SK group viruses was similar to that of other ribonucleic acid (RNA) viruses, particularly poliovirus. Expand
Effect of influenza viral infection on the ingestion and killing of bacteria by alveolar macrophages.
It is demonstrated that in this experimental model, influenzal infection impairs the inactivation of inhaled bacteria by retarding the ingestion of bacteria and by allowing bacteria to proliferate within macrophages. Expand
Hazards of disease transfer from marine mammals to land mammals: review and recent findings.
Precautions should be taken to ensure that disease agents shed by captive marine mammals are not transmitted to susceptible terrestrial mammals, including animal handlers and other human beings. Expand
Vesicular exanthema of swine.
  • A. Smith, T. Akers
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the American Veterinary Medical…
  • 1 October 1976
Current evidence suggests that SMSV infections occur among both terrestrial and marine mammals inhabiting the California coastal zones, and the practice of shipping frozen meats known to contain SMSV to mink ranches in Utah point to the possibility that domestic swine in the United States are occasionally being exposed to SMSV. Expand
Health Risks from Exposure to Metals in Household Dusts
The results of this study indicate that exposure to indoor and/or outdoor dust presents a potential health risk for Louisiana residents. Expand
Survival of a picornavirus and its infectious ribonucleic acid after aerosolization.
A comparison of the survival of an airborne virus with that of its infectious nucleic acid could possibly establish the role of the latter, as well as provide some information concerning the mechanism of inactivation for that particular airborne virus. Expand
Prevalence and distribution of four serotypes of SMSV serum neutralizing antibodies in wild animal populations.
Evidence is presented supporting the theory that unidentified submammalian marine species are a reservoir for SMSV, and it is indicated that certain terrestrial mammals have been infected with these so-called marine viruses. Expand
Interferon Induction by Colorado Tick Fever Virus: A Double-Stranded RNA Virus 1
  • E. Dubovi, T. Akers
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Society for Experimental…
  • 1 January 1972
Ultraviolet irradiation of the virus was able to increase the rate of appearance of interferon in both in vitro and in vivo, and it is proposed that UV irradiation permits faster release of the CTF virus RNA while heat and pH inactivation prevent this release. Expand