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Crystal structure of the human vascular adhesion protein‐1: Unique structural features with functional implications
The expression of human vascular adhesion protein‐1 (hVAP‐1) is induced at sites of inflammation where extravasation of lymphocytes from blood to the peripheral tissue occurs. We have solved theExpand
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Structural evidence for adaptive ligand binding of glycolipid transfer protein.
Glycolipids participate in many important cellular processes and they are bound and transferred with high specificity by glycolipid transfer protein (GLTP). We have solved three different X-rayExpand
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Efficient production of active chicken avidin using a bacterial signal peptide in Escherichia coli.
Chicken avidin is a highly popular tool with countless applications in the life sciences. In the present study, an efficient method for producing avidin protein in the periplasmic space ofExpand
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Novel Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor D Variants with Increased Biological Activity*
Members of the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) family play a pivotal role in angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis. They are potential therapeutics to induce blood vessel formation inExpand
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Avidin related protein 2 shows unique structural and functional features among the avidin protein family
BackgroundThe chicken avidin gene family consists of avidin and several avidin related genes (AVRs). Of these gene products, avidin is the best characterized and is known for its extremely highExpand
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Binding properties of HABA-type azo derivatives to avidin and avidin-related protein 4.
The chicken genome encodes several biotin-binding proteins, including avidin and avidin-related protein 4 (AVR4). In addition to D-biotin, avidin binds an azo dye compound,Expand
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Structural and functional characteristics of xenavidin, the first frog avidin from Xenopus tropicalis
BackgroundAvidins are proteins with extraordinarily high ligand-binding affinity, a property which is used in a wide array of life science applications. Even though useful for biotechnology andExpand
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Structure of Bradavidin – C-Terminal Residues Act as Intrinsic Ligands
Bradavidin is a homotetrameric biotin-binding protein from Bradyrhizobium japonicum, a nitrogen fixing and root nodule-forming symbiotic bacterium of the soybean. Wild-type (wt) bradavidin has 138Expand
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Structure and characterization of a novel chicken biotin-binding protein A (BBP-A)
BackgroundThe chicken genome contains a BBP-A gene showing similar characteristics to avidin family genes. In a previous study we reported that the BBP-A gene may encode a biotin-binding protein dueExpand
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Rational Modification of Ligand‐Binding Preference of Avidin by Circular Permutation and Mutagenesis
Chicken avidin is a key component used in a wide variety of biotechnological applications. Here we present a circularly permuted avidin (cpAvd4→3) that lacks the loop between β‐strands 3 and 4.Expand
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